Social media

Social media is yet another form of communication, only this one is at a human level, and at scale. It’s time to listen, craft your message and distribute it to the right people.

social media Services

Social media growth

We believe in defining a clear social media strategy from the outset, to help fuel growth. This isn’t just about creating a pre-defined posting schedule. We work with you to define the business' goals for each social media platform and plan accordingly. Planned together with our social content creation services and our experience in paid social ads, we work to launch you into social media orbit.

Paid social ads

Paid social ads are a hugely under-priced method of reaching the people you want, with the content you have created. In simple terms, you pay money to a social media platform to extend your reach. However, when used with a scattergun approach it achieves far from ideal results. In reality, it requires a highly data-driven approach with clear objectives and researched targeting. Enter 14OhFour.

Social content creation

We believe in creating social content that is tailored to your audience and the individual platforms they are consuming your content on. It’s about grabbing attention and getting your message across quickly and effectively. The types of content you need to achieve that differs from platform to platform and it is our job to create the content that works.

Analytics and reporting

Social media can still be such a grey area for a lot of businesses. Those with boots on the ground are comfortable posting and managing content for the business, but how do their efforts filter up the chain to managers and directors and how can any of this be attributed to real business success? We believe in clear and realistic goal-setting and effective reporting.

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